We are a church seeking to honour God in all that we do in Putney, London, U.K.. Currently we have one service on Sunday mornings at 10:30am and every couple of months or so we run THE BOATHOUSE SESSSIONS on a Sunday evening. In addition to this we also have various groups and events during the week. Together we look at the Bible each week seeking to understand it and intelligently apply it to our lives.

We’re made up of sports men and women, photographers, musicians, teachers, students, bankers and graphic designers, just to name a few. Some who come along are agnostics and still asking questions about the Christian Faith, while most of us are Christians simply gathering together to encourage one another and learn more.

We are thoroughly committed to preaching the person of Jesus through the Bible. We want to help people come to see him as their great Lord and Saviour and to see the truth and purpose of his life, teachings, death and resurrection. So teaching, discussing and sharing the great news about Jesus (who he is and what he's all about) are all very important to us.

We’re also trying to be a serving church in London. We’re constantly looking for ways to serve our community in Putney, and further afield, and many of us are involved with several charities and organisations in various ways.

We’re a relatively new church, officially beginning in November 2012 (originally under the name King's Church Putney), then rebooting as The Boathouse Church in September 2013 so we’re still finding our feet in how we do things. But this “newness” brings with it a good dose of excitement as we still feel we're just starting out.
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