sunday service

Since June 2017 we have combined both our morning and evening services into one service at 10:30am in the Oasis Academy School.

For many of us church can be a little daunting, even quite strange. So we’re trying to create a church in a relaxed and non threatening atmosphere but that still has all the important things that a traditional and Biblical church should be doing. We’d like to think that our church is for everyone- whether you’re a sceptic, an inquirer, a new Christian or a long-standing, fully committed, commentary reading, Christian- everyone is welcome! We also hope that each Sunday's talk is informative, challenging relevant and engaging for everyone who comes no matter where they may be on the spectrum of faith.

Most important for our Sundays is understanding the person and significance of Jesus Christ- who he is and why he is so amazing. The most comprehensive source we have on Jesus is the Bible. Not only is it a great historical source, we also believe it is the inspired word of God to all of us. So each week we always look at a portion of the Bible together as it teaches us about Christ and what he's all about. Talks usually last about 30 mins.

The Boathouse Morning Service is in the Oasis Academy School, Putney and begins at 10:30am each Sunday, but we warmly encouarge folk to arrive early to chat and welcome new comers from 10:15am onwards. After an official welcome there's some singing some short prayers, notices, a Bible reading and a thought-provoking talk on the Bible. Sometimes there's a question time at the end where no question is off limits. Kids/toddlers and babies are very welcome too. There's supervised activites for them in a couple of rooms nearby. We're usually all finished by around 11:45am.

Every couple of months throughout the year on a Sunday evening we run what we call "The Boathouse Sessions" held in the King's College Boathouse on the Embankment of the Thames in Putney. Beginning with food and drinks these evenings differ from month to month. Some have TED style talks on a wide range of topics related to Christianity or current topics. Other Session include interviews or music gigs, or more... For exact dates, please see the Boathouse Session page:

Please join us one Sunday!