Short Courses

On top of our flagship course Christianity Explored we run a number of other courses:


Faith in the iWorld is really not so much a course but a series of talks that aim to give answers to questions asked of the Christian faith. Questions such as: Has the Bible changed over the centuries? What evidence is there for the resurrection of Jesus? Why does God allow suffering? What about other religions? 



This is a multimedia course on the Bible. Using over 600 images and a booklet, the course takes participants through the background of the Bible (languages used, ancient manuscripts, how the Bible came together etc...) then an overview of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation all within 3 hours! The course’s chief aim is to give people an overview of the Bible and bring them to a closer understanding of its message.

Ben has now run The Bible in 3 Hours in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Hong Kong, Belfast, France and London.